Our cows are fed a diet free from artificial additives, chemicals and genetically modified ingredients, and the routine use of antibiotics in the organic system is banned.

Organic meat and dairy products has huge benefits not just for the animals that produce them, but also for farmers and the environment since organic farming systems have the very highest animal welfare standards. Choosing organic means you are supporting farming practices with a more traceable production process and you’ll always know what’s in your food.

Unlike many other farming systems, organic cows spend much of their lives outdoors where they can graze naturally on a diet of grass or fodder, roughage or silage on a daily basis.

What makes organic different?

  • We encourage free range approach. Cows pasture whenever conditions allow through out the year
  • Fewer pesticides and no artificial fertilisers used on pasture
  • Cows are fed a grass-rich, GM free diet (minimum 60% grass-based)
  • Routine antibiotic usage banned
  • No system of farming has milk with higher levels of nutrients, e.g. Omega 3 fatty acids