About Us

The American Uganda Dairy Community is registered in Uganda as a private company limited by shares with an aim of developing a certified supply chain for dairy and dairy products as well as fruits and vegetables for the local and regional markets. The company is setting up a farm in Mityana which is approximately 80 Km from the Kampala City Centre so as to train participating farmers as well as process the milk and agro produce into end organic products. We are starting in Mityana with 500 dairy farmers with potential growth peaked at 2,500 smallholder out-grower producers around the Lake Victoria catchment area.

The initial development ideas and related investments are from Ugandan shareholders who have studied dairying and value chain development as well as working on American and European farms such as under the (a) Global Cow, (b) American Uganda Community Development initiatives and (c) Afro American Community Development Initiative.

Vision Statement:

Responsibly reared organic dairy and grown fruits and vegetables towards enhanced holistic human well-being

Mission Statement:

To enhance the well-being of our internal and external customers including children, the elderly and convalescents, through access to safe, healthy, certified organic dairy products, fruits and vegetables in a sustainable manner with focus on environmental, social and economic viability.

Board of Directors:

  • Charles Lutaaya - Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
  • George Ssenyomo - Advocate/ Company Secretary
  • Veronica Nalugemwa - Director
  • Lawrence Mayanja - Director
  • Fr. James Ssebayiga - Director
  • Cybele Douglas - Equity stake/ Investment Director